Sunday, July 31, 2005

Alvin visits Norm's Photo Blog

Norm: Hi Alvin what’s up?

Alvin: Hope you don’t mind me interrupting.

Norm: No, what are you looking for?

Alvin: Well some advice on the camera I buy next.

Norm: “Next!”

Alvin: Well my 5megapixel digital is nearly 9 months old and it doesn’t have GPS

Norm: How sad, but if you had of really read my blog, you would know I don’t have a GPS in my camera (which is much older than 9 months by the way) and I never written camera reviews

Alvin: I still think a camera with GPS to automatically geotag my photos would be WAY cool.

Norm: To do the geotagging I use the net to get the geotag positions and google earth, if you are on the net and have broadband they are free.

Alvin: Who doesn’t have broadband?

Norm: (changing subject) Do you read my blog regularly?

Alvin: Intermitently more than regularly…. I loved the Photo Project posts you used to do

Norm: So you’d like more of them?

Alvin: Definitely

Norm, who creates Alvin, has another blog, wandering in the light which covers things they forgot to tell you about digital photography.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Introducing Alvin

Alvin People is a pretty normal likeable sort of guy. He loves technology, he loves lots of buttons. He knows he has the second most boring job in the world, it could not possible be the most boring as that in itself would be interesting, but it does pay well. He is easily talked out of anything, especially his money. He is a legend in his own mind and dreams of becoming a celebrity in some yet to be invented X-treme sport, where he can make his fortune on the merchandising of his individual taste in footwear He just wants to be noticed.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Introducing Lila

Lila People is a totally modern women. She might just occasionally feel that she is living on the edge, not in control of her relationships, that she is trapped by the glass ceiling, her biological clock, .needs time to reduce the stress factors in her life and the general unreliability of tradesman.

Well! actually she might worry a lot, and that makes her angry, very angry. Angry at herself and especially angry at anyone close by. She does like hugging (because her life style trainer recommended it)