Sunday, July 31, 2005

Alvin visits Norm's Photo Blog

Norm: Hi Alvin what’s up?

Alvin: Hope you don’t mind me interrupting.

Norm: No, what are you looking for?

Alvin: Well some advice on the camera I buy next.

Norm: “Next!”

Alvin: Well my 5megapixel digital is nearly 9 months old and it doesn’t have GPS

Norm: How sad, but if you had of really read my blog, you would know I don’t have a GPS in my camera (which is much older than 9 months by the way) and I never written camera reviews

Alvin: I still think a camera with GPS to automatically geotag my photos would be WAY cool.

Norm: To do the geotagging I use the net to get the geotag positions and google earth, if you are on the net and have broadband they are free.

Alvin: Who doesn’t have broadband?

Norm: (changing subject) Do you read my blog regularly?

Alvin: Intermitently more than regularly…. I loved the Photo Project posts you used to do

Norm: So you’d like more of them?

Alvin: Definitely

Norm, who creates Alvin, has another blog, wandering in the light which covers things they forgot to tell you about digital photography.

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