Saturday, August 20, 2005

mophone beta

I've been doing a bit of beta testing on mophone, (well enough so I can fill out the questionnaire!) It's pretty neat. Imagine your phone was an ipod; well mophone is a bit like itunes for your phone. You can manage and store cameraphone photos. phone wallpapers, ringtones & even games. You can also share them with your friends, or the world. It’s also a lot like flickr with moblog’ing & ringtones built in. Once a decent community gets going in there I'm predicting it will be a winner. If you are already there why not add AlvinP as a friend and join the “meet the people” group. You’ll then be able to get my cartoons directly on your phone

Is it free?
Yes (well largely free, you must have internet access via your phone to use it and you will have to pay for that access at your normal rates)

…Norm (for Alvin)

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