Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On looking deeper at TiVO

Alvin decides to look at the features and fine print before he orders his next tech toy, this time.

No ripped music library, no picture library, no ability to swap content with your PC or iPod etc. only 160Gb of HDD space which will allow you only 20-30 hours of HD content and apparently they will be releasing it without any capability to transfer to external hard drive short of a PAID firmware update. To add insult to injury, can you believe they will actually display advertisements while you fast forward? ...see MyEPG for more details
But the real bitter pill to swallow is the Channel Seven TiVO cartel's attempt to make it illegal to use a published TV guide to information to record Free to Air television shows (other than using their device); and yes, the current copyright conditions are easily interpreted to include using the newspaper for the purpose of programming your VCR! Hang on aren't the rights to broadcasts licensed from us, the public (ok its through government licences, no TV stations or hardware manufacturers owns the broadcast space, it is not their property, and stange how there is no mention of legality of recording free to air broadcast, just that you are infrigining copyright if use a guide to know when to do the recording)

So if you want to do something about it now before it too late write to your local politician, write to the newspapers, discuss it with your friends, or get involved

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