Thursday, October 02, 2008

The making of packed properly

My technique to make these cartoon has changed enough, since I last let you into my secrets, that I should just review the changes. First and most importantly I tend to created the specific figures, and other objects, as hand drawn sketches to suit each cartoon. (Rather than trying to use a library of shapes). I still might drawn different figures and things seperately. I then "ink in" with any felt pen I can find, colour doesn't really matter as i just digitise this in black and white. Next I use Corel Trace to convert the shapes into vector drawn shapes and then corel draw to manipulate those shapes... for example, colouring rescalling rotationg and adding the "standard layout". Generally I can get from pencil concept to final drawing on the blog in half an hour or less. Just a longish coffee break!

If you haven't noticed I am also doing some "quickie" cartoons in a simple layout for twitter pics (look down on the left hand column). These cartoons are meant to be mostly for my twitter friends, supposed to be highly relevant and I keep them very simple so the time from concept to upload is 15 minutes or less (ie a true coffee break creation) and explainable in 140 charcaters of text (or less)
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Connie said...

Love your style and I'll bookmark your generous 'tutorial' for use in my development. Great!